May 27, 2007

Lunch with the Mommies of Pinoy Moms Network

So I attended, I'm glad I did! Like Feng and Salen, I have no expectations really of what will go on. I just want to meet whoever will attend and have a hearty lunch with them, have fun. Big thank you to Noemi and Connie for setting up the lunch-out. Great idea.

I do read posts of other bloggers of course though I don't go around much. I am so sure I was the least known among the attendees. Much as I want to post and post, and blog hop, there's time constraint. But honestly, after this mommy lunch, I got really enthusiastic to get to know them better and interact more. Not just the ones in there but the others as well. The good thing though is all of them are very accommodating and I did not experience any awkward moment conversing with them even if they are not familiar with me. The truth is it's as if this is not our first meeting. It was easy connecting with them.

One pleasant discovery, Julie, Cess and me live in the same area. The three of us can easily meet up and shop! Haha. I only got three pictures on my camera because I spent most of the time talking to the moms, listening to them, especially those sitting near me. I'll just steal request copies of pictures from the others. :) I would have wanted to go around, it's just one table afterall, but time was kind of short. I came in thirty minutes late and the lunch ended around 2:30 pm. Next time, I'll take the opportunity to meet and greet everyone.

(Row 1, L-R) Jane, Salen, (Row 2, L-R) Rachel, Me, Noemi, Connie, Dine, Feng, Julie, Lissa with her little Lex, (Row 3, L-R) Chat, Cess

Pretty moms, I'm thankful I signed up for this first meeting. I hope too this will be the start of our friendship and more bonding moments.


lady cess said...

mommy lynn, can i copy one pic :) ?

oh yes, im so glad to find out im not the only one from the north! and when i say novaliches, youre not intimidated :)

sa susunod uli,magkatabi tayo pero para sa akin kulang ang tsika.

and your daughter is sooo pretty!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. It was a wonderful get together and I'm so grateful I had the pleasure of meeting you and the rest of the mommy bloggers. I agree with Cess, you have a lovely daughter.

It's so amuzing how our "passion" for the brothers of Prison Break became a nice connection. I think we will get along very well as long as you keep your eyes on Michael and leave Linc to me. ha! ha!

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Take care!

feng said...

hello Mommy Lynn. it was nice meeting you in the Mommy Lunch. i really had a wonderful time with you as well the rest of the Moms. sa uulitin.

Jane said...

When you look at these pictures, kala mo matatagal nang friends, no?

The love for blogging easily weaves a strong thread of friendship, which is something I treasure very much. Glad to have met you, Lynn. Next time, I will sit closer to you all to know you better. Ang hirap ng nasa dulo ng napakahabang table...


Noemi said...

Go ahead and copy any pics you want from my blog. I am probably so used to meetups or eyeballs that I didn't think there would be awkward moments. Glad you didn't feel that way. We will surely meet in the near future.

SASSY MOM said...

hi, mommy lynn!

I am also glad that I went to meet all of you... As i said in my blog, I know that this will be a start of a new relationship.

Jane's right... I did feel that we've known each other for a long time na.

Take care & God bless!

Lynn said...

CESS, sure, feel free to copy the pic you want. :)

RACH, Hahahaha, oo, basta Wentworth's mine. Lol!

FENG, Sa uulitin. Next time let's talk and talk talaga. :) We were seated far apart kasi yesterday.

JANE, Oo nga eh, ang hirap makipagchikahan with everyone, I was seated at the other end of the table. :)

NOEMI, :) I thought maiilang ako since people don't know me much coz it's my first time to meet other bloggers face to face. Thanks, I'll save some pics from your blog.

SALEN, I guess it's because all of us are excited to get to know each other kaya ang ganda ng takbo ng conversations. :)

SexyMom said...

hi, Lynn

me here--establishing blog friendship. am sure we will see each other more often, and read each other's blogs more often.

i checked my site, and i saw one comment from you in March (about midlife, remember?)

PMN lunch was great, a start not only of cyberfriendship, but the real person-to-person one.

chateau said...

Hi Lynn! So we (you, me, Julie, Cess) are from the North pala? Sama ako sa shopping EBs ha LOL. Sa commonwealth lang ako.
See you again soon.

Lynn said...

SEXYMOM, I'm also looking forward to a lot of interaction with the moms of PMN. :)

CHAT, Haha, within the area ka rin pala. That makes four of us na. Minsan gimmick tayong apat. :)

julie said...

There goes the PMN North gang, hahaha. It was definitely an experience we all enjoyed. Hope the next one is going to be soon, :)

Lynn said...

JULIE, It really was. I signed up last. Good thing I did. :)

maiylah said...

it's wonderful to see the faces behind the journals! :)

Lynn said...

MAIYLAH, Definitely! It was a grand time. :)