May 1, 2007

How May I Help You?

We just had a Pizza Hut delivery. My daughter loves cheese so much and I love this new product of PH, Cheesy Pops. It's so cute, even their tagline is cute (24 pullable pops) and the commercial with the three yuppies dancing is quite catchy. Anyway, we do food deliveries every so often. I couldn't help but chuckle whenever I hear customer service reps (CSR, the one who takes our orders over the phone) from different food chains say their script.

KFC: (usually in monotone) Thank you for calling KFC Delivery. This is blabla speaking. Phone number please.

Jollibee: (usually takes a while to ring and takes around four rings before any CSR answers): Thank you for calling 87000. This is blahblah speaking. How may I help you?

McDonald's: (Recorded voice on their new product. It used to be like a kilometric voice over. Good thing now they shortened it. Ringing tone follows.) Thank you for calling McDo delivery. This is blabla speaking. Can I have your phone number please?

Pizza Hut: Thank you for calling PH delivery. How may I help you?

I can't understand why they have to ask "how may I help you". Of course it's for delivery. The thing is when I answer "I'd like to have a delivery of (insert product here)", the CSR would answer, "phone number please". They don't even acknowledge what I had just said. Then after encoding my number, they will ask now what I will order when I have just told them what I wanted. Lol. They strictly follow a script. I grin from ear to ear when I hear this. It never fails to amuse me. And never learn. Why don't I just say my number first. :) They should be taught how to go with the flow when talking to a customer. They can do that without deviating the idea of their script. Don't their higher ups call their delivery service and take note of this awkward script?

Though it sounds so impersonal, it's better that after all the greetings, they ask for the phone number. They ask so they can see from their data base if you're an old customer. They don't have to ask you your address but just confirm if the delivery will be on the said address. Then they ask your order. It's faster that way. In spite of the booboo on their script, Pizza Hut has the best customer service representative so far. They compensate it on other things. They have nice speaking voice for one. They ask you first if you want to know more about their promo. They do suggestive selling the right way. And they are sensitive enough not to push their products if they sense you've made up your mind on your orders. They're the most professional among all other delivery services.

While I'm at it, I hope the food chains will take time to be true to their advertisements when it comes to product presentation. A lot of times they are presented so well on their menu boards only to be disappointed when it's handed to you. Like this one for instance. Sometimes it makes me lose my appetite. When I was in the food industry, we always have this reminder to the managers and crews that what should be given to the customers should be "pang-commercial" so that they won't feel shortchanged.

It was like this.

When it was supposed to be like this.

*2nd picture originally from here.


I'd like to post my Monday Madness on this Tuesday evening. MM On television shows. :)
Monday Madness

Currently, what television commercial is your least favorite?
Political advertisements especially those from politicians I wouldn't vote for.

And which commercial is your most favorite?
Oh I love that commercial of Nescafe with the very pretty and sexy girl doing some dancing on a very hot day. Makes me want to have my own cold coffee mix. And I love the reggae theme. Check the youtube video here if you want.

Of the sitcoms that are on during "prime time" how many do you watch on a regular basis? Please share.
I'm afraid there's none that I watch regularly. Only those I tend to catch when there's nothing else I have to do. Will and Grace is one.

Is there a television series that you enjoy watching that is ending this season?
Well I do buy copies of my favorite shows on DVDs so I don't really know if they are ending on television or not.

Is there any type of program you'd like to see more of on television?
Shows like Twilight Zone, X-Files, Twin Peaks maybe. There's Supernatural but sometimes it's too predictable.

Is there any type of program you'd like to see less of on television?
Reality shows that borders on the insane. Haha. Like Bachelor show or something. Less also of those 'tween' shows in Disney Channel and Nickelodeon which don't really promote anything of real value to our tweeners. And then I won't have to do much screening with what my daughter watches if there's less of these or none at all.

Is there a series that is no longer aired that you wish would come back?
Friends, Sex and the City. Seinfeld. I miss these shows.

Do you watch re-runs of anything on television?
Yes, the ones I've mentioned above.

If I may add to these MM questions, if there's one series I'd like to see non-stop, it's Prison Break. :)

Wentworth Miller of Prison Break. But I watch it because the story is exciting. Believe me. (Picture lifted here.)

Ehem, now back to being a wife and mother. :)


meowminx said...

Hi Lynn thanks for your comment on my site :) I liked reading your MM answers. I never really got into watching Seinfeld. I think I was too busy watching Japanese shows on ch 18 back then! Hahaha

Gosh, it has been a while since Ive been in Manila. I can imagine what those food delivery stuff's like. I read another similar blog over at Rachel's lol

Sige, gtg! Have a great Wednesday! (Happy Hump Day!)


Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the tag, tagging you back! :) I've heard that Prison Break is very good but can only allow myselfto be hooked on one show at a time and right now it's Lost. I tend to enjoy shows with a supernatural or sci-fi theme too, like SN, X-files, Invasion and so on

JennieBoo said...

Thanks for your comment on O So Mo Love. It's nice to know folks check it out!

Ohhhh.....X Files was worth watching just for David Duchovny sightings. I know it's cliche, but he could "investigate" me ANYTIME! heehee

And this is crazy, but I loved George Cotanza. Sure he was an oinkie pig, but there was something so "engaging" about him....whatever

Have a great Tuesday! I really enjoyed reading your meme answers.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. Thanks for your comments on my post. You're right it's a bad marketing ploy and hope that they will not call our house anymore. If they do, I'll talk to the store manager about it.

This is an interesting entry since I also posted about the terrible marketing scheme of a fast food outlet in our area. I agree, the food presentation on tv and print ads are so enticing and sometimes, it's disappointing when you order them because they don't resemble the ones you saw on tv or posters.

Thanks for visiting my MM. Same here, I'm not too fond of those political ads. But I admit there are still a few worth merit. I totally forgot to mention Sex and the City. I loved that series too. I heard raves about Prison Break. Jules' cousin is going to lend us his DVD.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Take care!

Lynn said...

Meowminx, lol happy hump day! :D

Betty, Lost is popular here too but I 'm a Prison Break addict. :D

Jennieboo, I do check out my fellow meme participants especially if time permits. :) I watched X-Files then because of the story and David Duchovny. I'm all for intelligent good looking men. Haha.

Rach, I was actually a part of that food chain. I was in one of their subsidiaries that's why I know how these things should be properly executed. :)

She-Schenker said...

Oh! Now that's one prisoner I'd definitely harbor were he to escape! I'm going to have to start watching that show.

ladycess said...

hahaha! thats so true! they would always ask how may i help you, e ano pa nga ba ang dahilan bakit ako tumatawag :D

hmm.. minsan kaya ibahin natin ang sagot natin :D

aha! another prison break fan! ang gwapo naman kasi talaga. siguro ako i can visit a prison if the likes of him are the inmates :)

Lynn said...

She-schenker, Oh you're missing a lot if you haven't started watching Wentworth. :)

Ladycess, Oo nga ano, minsan sila naman ang lituhin natin sa mga isasagot natin. Haha. Anyway, about Wentworth, I am tempted to make a whole post dedicated to this fine, intelligent man. :)

DawnK said...

Thanks for visiting me! I agree with you, on political commercials. I'm really not looking forward to the presidential compaign next year, because of that!

king said...

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