May 16, 2007

Seven "Not So Deadly Sins"

This is long overdue but it's pretty exciting to do this, posting my seven not-really-deadly sins. :) I was tagged by Bonggamom a few days back. Here goes.....

1. Lust - I will use lust here on the context of "having an overwhelming desire or craving for something". After finishing season 2 of Prison Break (PB), I have this extra urge to browse on Fox Network's site on the said series. I communicate with my fellow "inmates" on PB anonymous and indulge on my daily fix. Is this a sin? Well, not really but my husband shakes his head when he sees me peeking again on anything about the Miller guy and PB. It's a harmless indulgence. :)

2. Gluttony - I can control eating when I'm at the office. I don't take rice when I am out but when I'm home, I E.A.T. I think the appropriate word is devour. My husband and I love exploring restaurants too. I'm always the first to ask the food server what's their bestseller and that's what we usually order.

3. Greed - I'm greedy about my books. Sometimes I don't want to lend them out. It's like books are very personal things for me that I just can't let them be used by anyone. But I've mellowed down now. Knowledge is best shared. :)

4. Sloth - When will I visit the gym? I postpone it everytime providing reasons like I'm too loaded already with work and family. The thing is if one really wants something, there are ways and there are ways of accomplishing them.

5. Wrath - There are times when I am so pressured at work and the team cannot give what they are supposed to produce, I let off steam by saying things that first comes to mind not thinking of the "interpersonal management" we should always uphold in the organization.

6. Envy - I tend to wish for a lot more things. There's nothing wrong about that but sometimes I know I just have to say thank you for all the blessings we have. And sometimes, I tend to see the glass is half-empty before realizing I should maximize the half-filled glass to make it full to the brim.

7. Pride - I am proud of what I have achieved so far in my family life and my professional life. I take pride that most of them are through hard work which I have made on my own (not to belittle the guidance and inspiration my parents gave me and continue to give me of course). I am also very proud of my daughter and most of the time, my conversation with my family and friends always end up about her.

Maybe these aren't exactly sins but maybe few of them are habits I have to break the soonest. :)


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. I see you were also tagged by Bonggamom. I found it quite challenging to do but I had fun doing mine.

What a coincidence. I just finished watching episodes 1-22 of Prison Break. I was able to borrow the DVD from my hubby's cousin. Now, I want more! I heard my hubby's sister got hold of a DVD with more episodes. The moment I woke up today, that DVD was already in my mind. I just got to borrow it soon. :)

Lynn said...

Rach, I am so addicted I can't wait for Season 3 on August! :)