Oct 5, 2007

Blogging Feast

I may not be blogging everyday or as often as I want but I have to say blogging relaxes me. There are some blog sites that I go to whenever I am online though mostly just through my Bloglines feeds only. It's easier to read them that way than jumping from one tab or window to another. :) I only go to the sites when I want to comment or the feeds don't show the whole post. I do blog hop sometimes when I am in the mood to do so. It is a joy to discover very engaging blogs from different countries. Ironically, I quietly lurk in blogs that I enjoy reading most.

What kinds of blogs am I inclined to read? Slice of life, stream of thoughts, food blogs especially those with great pictures. Blogs which are written like no one will get to read their thoughts. Free-flowing. I like happy and funny blogs but I also enjoy reading blogs with enough sarcasm and wit. As long as I sense they are for real, I continue reading them. I roll my eyes and close the window when I encounter blogs which are too preachy, holier-than-thou, know-it-all. Yawn.

I thank Maiylah for giving me an Egel Nest Award Blog Award. Love begets love. :)

I went to the site where the award originated. There aren't much explanation about it but it's obvious that you just pass on the award to a blog/blogger you love reading. I know that there are bloggers which are not quite into these blog awards for some reason. I respect that but what the heck, just let me show my appreciation on their blogs. Spread the love around. So let me share this with the following:

Judy, a loving mom who never tires to cook for her children. :) Her entries are fun to read because she tells them like they are happening real time. I know I already gave her a Rocking Girl Award. What can I do, I love her posts. :)

Chats, I met her already but looking forward to more meetings. I like the way she chronicles her life as a WAHM and how she wonderfully supports her hubbyness. It's her 1st blog anniversary, my blog is three months older than her blog. :)

Rachel, the most awarded blogger I know. :) She deserves every recognition she gets. Like Chats, we've met and looking forward for more EBs. :) She is naturally sweet especially to her little mister sunshine, Yohan. Check out her sketches too, she's very creative.

Mimi, for her passion in blogging about world peace through her Blog Blast for Peace and Peace Globe posts from participants she invites.

Eastcoastlife, most of her blog posts are funny. The lady is funny and witty. If you want a good laugh, read her posts. She's really passionate about her blogging.

Manila Metro Bloggers, for giving their time and dedication in posting in our very own city blog started/sponsored by Sean Bonner. And this reminds me to polish my posts in my drafts and contribute. I have been a delinquent member. I get updated sometimes with their posts on events and everything-Manila.

There are a lot of great blog reads out there I am sure. I just have to blog hop more often. :)


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Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you Lynn for this lovely award. You've given me more reasons to enjoy this weekend.

I appreciate your thoughtful words. I like how you referred to Yohan as my litter mister sunshine ... a very sweet description.

Take care and wishing you a fun-filled weekend.

eastcoastlife said...

Ooooo.... thank you so much Lynn for this award! Wow! What a nice surprise. I'm glad that I manage to make my readers smile and I'm very happy to know that there are others like you who appreciate my posts.


chateau said...

Wow,Lynn, I feel so honored with this award. Thank you for reading my blog! It's nice to know there are people who enjoy reading my posts pala, hehe

I hope you're having a good weekend! Thank you again!

Mimi Lenox said...

Wow. Thank you so much for this award. I will display it proudly.


Lynn said...

You all are wonderful people I have met (though some virtually) through blogging! :)