Oct 29, 2007


In the Philippines, once the "ber" months start, it also signals the start of Christmas time. Radio airwaves start playing Christmas songs, people start thinking of cleaning their holiday decors and get ready for another round of decorating their homes. Offices and department stores are also expected to don colorful ornaments recognizing the onset of the merry holidays.

I just noticed that buildings in business districts are not as lavish with their decorations for the past...what, four or five years. As years go on, the lesser their display of Christmas lights and ornaments. Signs of the times. Overhead charges are so expensive for these activities that will only last for two months. Companies would rather spend them on bonuses and holiday parties.

This gold and green Christmas is at the upper level of Trinoma mall's park. I like the color combination. Easy on the eyes, add to that the effect of the dancing fountain along the walk way.

***I will be doing my WS rounds later when I get back home. :)


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Sandy Carlson said...

That's a beautiful tree. Here in the US we will celebrate Halloween on Wednesday and All Saints Day and Thanksgiving in November before the Christmas boxes will come out of the attic!

Caroline said...

That is a pretty tree. I was in the store today and the shelves were getting filled with Christmas decorations.

My weekend photo

Carver said...

That is a beautiful tree. I also like the color combination. I hope you have a pleasant week.

Kero said...

waaah. you make me long for home!! I miss the logn, chaotic celebration of Christmas in my beloved banana republic. great shot you have here.

Liza said...

hi lynn... thanks for dropping by. oo nga medyo mahirap na nga maghanap ng ganun ngayun.

MM said...

I like the color, different from the usual red and green.

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, even here in Sydney, i have notice that in some mall the christmas decoration have just been recycled. It is the spirit that counts ..

See you next week...

Trinity said...

Owww it's a wonderful tree Lynn! Wish I could see it in Indonesia!

Lynn, you've been tagged by me, to share with us why you blog.. jsut do it when you have time ok!

Trinity from Rooms of
My Heart

ws said...

a unique christmas decor. shops are already decorated in here but households will be on the firsr week of advent.

*starting next week we will feature in random two weekenders.

stay tune!

Bengbeng said...

wow. christmas oledi ....here there r no signs yet

julie said...

Wow, what a lovely Christmas decor. We haven't been to any mall since last Friday.

Hope your week would be great, Lynn :)

Raquel said...

Wow, what a beautiful Christmas tree, I like all the color combinations.

SabineM said...

very cool tree and photo!

Mama Pajama said...

How beautiful! Gorgeous photo!

Tricotine said...

Great looking tree indeed! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Happy Monday!

Rachel said...

Wow! Christmas already!?!? It is an awesome tree (and pic).


melai said...

hehehehe! feeling ko prutas yang mga bilog bilog na yan :) pano dito daming puno ng mansanas na green e :)

keeyit said...

So fast celebrate the Xmas already ? In Malaysia, we only get into the Xmas atmosphere in Dec..

**"Liza"** said...

thats a lovely tree!waaa i want to come home!Christmas is truly different here than back in Phil..Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely tree. the colors go well with each other. The stores are definitely getting full with all the Christmas decorations.
They are trying to sell as much as they can but I think you are right when you say people have cut back.
Times are changing...Some sad for sure.

Take care,

Ah Bong said...

Christmas still 55 days to go and the deco already up..wow

Judy said...

Christmas decorations are coming out earlier and earlier. I think it is sad.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. Sorry haven't visited in a while. I had Internet problems at home but things are back to normal. I'm trying to catch up.

That's a lovely Christmas tree. Haven't been to Trinoma yet but looking forward to going there when there's a chance.

Lynn said...

SANDY, In the Phils, all you've mentioned are observed side by side. Some Xmas decors are already displayed though what's highlightes during October are those for Halloween.

CAROLINE, Pretty yes, love the colors.

CARVER, Hope your week is great too. :)

KERO, Haha, nakakamiss nga raw if you're in another country. Pag andito naman, maiinis ka sa traffic.

LIZA, Classic wooden swing. :)

MM, Nice no, green and gold.

TRINITY, Got the tag up. :)

WS, Thanks for the advise.

BENGBENG, That's how it is in the Phils. :)

JULIE, Visit Trinoma. The park is decorated with only a few trimmings but it looks good at night.

RAQUEL, Not the usual Xmas colors.

SABINEM, It is. :)

MAMAPAJAMA, Thanks. :)

Lynn said...

TRICOTINE, It's really lovely. :)

RACHEL, Oh thanks. :)

MELAI, Haha, oo nga ano. Muka ngang apple.

KEEYIT. Well the Phils loves to celebrate. :)

LIZA, Make your celebration there like what we do here in our country. At least within the family circle you have there. :)

CONNIE, Time to get practical. :)

AH BONG, It's a long holiday celebration in here.

JUDY, Earlier than most countries but it's getting less ostentatious the past years. Which is good. :)

RACHEL, It's okay. Hugs Rach. Good you have your connection back.