Oct 17, 2007

Something's Gotta Give

A colleague has been "pestering" me to join her and the rest of the gymn buddies. We are doing the "Lean and Mean" activity among my circle of friends. The main goal is to keep fit in spite of our busy schedules. We created a game out of it, the highest percentage weight loss wins the cash prize. We shell out X amount twice a month for this. I almost signed up this morning but backed out of the gym sessions. I declined also the badminton (I know, this is so two-three yeas ago...) training one organized with a professional trainer. I'm still in the "Lean and Mean" sans the formal workout.

"But it's just time management". I know that and that is what I am doing. I opt to work smart, let the clutter go and delegate properly. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes that still happens but I am more in control now.

Prioritize, again, that is what I am doing. If not, everything might just crumble in front of me.

Just looking at it, I am spending more than fifty percent of my time juggling the different roles/activities that I have. I am a working mom, there's church-related activities, my graduate school (plus our group meetings whenever there are presentations and that is almost every week), am an admin assistant to my husband too, ad nauseam. :D

If I get some more, that would mean getting more time from my family, from my daugher especially. I attend school twice a week and I get home around ten in the evening. If I do the gym thrice a week, it means I won't be home till ten pm on weekdays. I wouldn't like that. My daughter would be sleeping by the the time I get home.

For the time being. I'd be content with our weekend joggings and my husband's treadmill. I meet with my friends but there are times I forego because it's usually at night after work or during weekends. Twice I have postponed taking up photography class because I can only do it on weekends. Some things one has to give up or skip in the mean time.

A balanced life is great but I don't mind if the scale tilts to the side of my


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raqgold said...

hi, i need to prioritize too :D the most difficult thing is to recognize what needs reall doing first. but i am sure we would work it out :D

Judy said...

It is good not to fall into peer pressure. Sometimes it is so easy to give in if their activities sound like fun but at the end of the day, I believe family comes first. :)

I think deep down you know you have done the right thing and are happy to sacrifice fun for your daughter's well being.

tintin said...

Agree agree agree.

Now that my baby is so tiny, I don't even make plans more than once a week without her. 2 hours tops away from her aside from when I'm at work is all this Mommy can take.

rowena said...

hello, same situation here, i can't really leave my four kids too long. if i go to the grocery, i bring them with me or when i do some errands. i also gave up work to spend my time with them in their formative years. talagang family should come first. good thing you can still do your exercise at home or walks with hubby.

chateau said...

Hi Lynn! I think you're doing a great job... Something's gotta give - and it's definitely not family time.

Sabi nga dun sa book I'm reading: For every "yes", let there be a "no."

Happy weekend, Lynn!

Lynn said...

RAQGOLD, It's a tricky situation sometimes but we always come out with something we could work on, right? :)

JUDY, Oh yes my daughter always comes first. :D

TINTIN, That is very true. I'm more often than not in a rush to go home to bond with my daughter.

ROWENA, Priorities are mommy duties whether a SAHM, a WAHM or the typical working mom like me. :)

CHATS, Family time is the time I always look forward too during weekends and after office. :D

Ah Bong said...

i can understand yr predicament. my time is also spent on all my activities and my various roles in life. sometimes i feel i should delete some of my involvements too.

Lynn said...

AH BONG, I guess it's just a matter of prioritizing properly. I know this is easier said than done.