Feb 25, 2008

Blog Badge

Thanks once again for a blog badge. I got this from Janet, we're both recent visitors of each others' blogs. I find it nice that people would want to get to know more of you. :)


Liza said...

Hi Lynn! Ang ganda naman ng badge na ito. It's really nice to meet new friends here.

Take care and Happy Thursday.

janet said...

hi lynn,

thanks for receiving the badge.


Lynn said...

LIZA, I feel grateful whenever there are blog badges handed to me. And yes, this a very nice award and the nicest icon so far.

JANET, Thanks too!

janet said...

hi lynn, i'm back... with a tag. hehehe.

you may take your time though. no hurry. only when you're free:



Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations Lynn!

It was wonderful seeing you again last night. Hope we can do it more often. Take care!

SandyCarlson said...

Most definitely a blessing!

Happy Blog Your Blessings Sunday.

Lynn said...

SANDY, Friendship, virtual and in real life, is really a blessing.