Feb 3, 2008

Vanishing Cream

For the majority of women that I know, giving birth is one of the most anticipated event in their lives. Every little step in preparing for the coming of the baby is supervised. No stones are left unturned for a smooth pregnancy and uncomplicated delivery.

The baby's needs are well taken cared of, from the baby clothes to the baby's crib to the baby's first albums and toys. The name is well thought of. Everyone is excited. And then the baby is born. You are the happiest person on earth.

You are also thankful for a safe delivery, you and the baby are both healthy. You are proud of yourself for having a job well done. Nine months carrying a baby is no simple feat. Now you are back at your old self...

On second thoughts, maybe you are not. A few pounds still needs to be shed off here and there. A haircut will do. Those are easy for you to do. A sigh of relief. But lo and behold! Looking at yourself in the mirror, you've got those chicken scratch on your belly! Stretch marks! Losing more weight as you plan it will give you more ugly marks. You want to further prevent stretch marks.

Advices from your married friends soon came pouring in. No need to worry, there is a stretch mark cream that will help you get rid off these ugly marks on your once smooth tummy. Using revitol stretch mark cream will diminish and eventually improve the stretch marks you have.

Sleep soundly now and enjoy this new phase of your life free of stretch marks.


GBex said...

woww--- masubukan nga ang ganyan hehehe- ey merong panglalaki nyan?

ellen_heartbeats said...

hello there lyn, thanks for dropping by to deep down the heart...really gives joy in my heart when someone gives a little time to visit my blog