Feb 12, 2008

Tag: Six Unimportant Things About Me

I was tagged by Napaboaniya. Note the title of this post. :) Anyway, here are the rules.

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Six unimportant, irrelevant, useless things about me: :D

1. I like Wentworth Miller a lot. While waiting for Prison Break 3, I watch reruns of PB 1 and 2 and sometimes even watch them from my DVD copies just to take a peek of Wentworth.

2. I have learned the art of not scratching or breaking my newly painted fingernails when I type or text.

3. I keep a lot of planners - digital, corporate and fancy ones.

4. I re-read a few pages of my favorite quotes from my some of my books.

5. And I bring whatever book I fancy for the moment wherever I go.

6. My wallpaper right now is Creepie Creature from Growing Up Creepie. I just like the dominant purple color of Creepie.

I would like to tag six recent visitors in this blog and from my Mommy Blog - Janet, willthink4wine, Leslie, Larawannabe, Genny, Jessica.


janet said...

hi lynn, sure. will do this tag. thanks!

janet said...

hi lynn, i just did the tag. :)

genny said...

I will do this later.

genny said...

i just did it.

lady cess said...

who is creepie? :D ang cute naman niyan.

the last time i had my nails painted was when I had to attend a wedding last september. the one before that, hindi ko na matandaan. i rarely have my nails painted, hindi ko kaya ang galing mo :) pag-uwi ko pa lang chipped na.