Oct 4, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings #22

I was not able to blog much here and at Beyond Fried Eggs, my food blog, because the week has been really heart pounding for practically most Filipinos. Two storms visited the country in a span of six days.

The devastation left by Ketsana (local name, Ondoy) is so great that a large part of Metro Manila was submerged in water. Several areas in Rizal and Laguna are still waist deep as I post this. Reports are saying it will take about three months before the flood waters will finally subside in Laguna.

Midweek the whole country was glued to the news of another storm crossing the Philippines, Parma. According to forecast Parma (local name, Pepeng) is stronger than Ketsana. The people went panic buying that practically most supermarkets were wiped out with basic goods, rechargeable lamps and batteries. Some reported that even floaters were so in demand.

Classes in all levels were suspended for the whole week. Like what I have mentioned it was hard to focus on the daily grind knowing the damage Ketsana brought to the country, Metro Manila in particular. This was the first time it happened in this generation. Parma spared Metro Manila but ravaged the northern part of the Philippines, not as huge as the damage Ketsana brought, but several structures and electric power were also trampled.

The sun smiled this morning. We experienced cloudy skies in the afternoon but no rain. Wind is just enough to give us some cool weather. Classes will resume tomorrow. Adults and parents can now focus more on their jobs and other responsibilities. A lot of areas still need help which means our help in whatever way should continue.

There's a rainbow after the rain. There's a silver lining behind each cloud. The sun smiles after a storm. Let's do our part in maintaining a balance in our environment.

I've just finished preparing dinner. Let me rest my mind and my body and on to my unconscious mutterings for the week after a week or two of absence here.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Yacht :: Sunset Cruise (I love this trip we had in a yacht going to Grande Island.)
2. Paula :: Abdul (I might just miss her when American Idol resumes on January 2010. But Ellen is very much welcome. I love her!)
3. Delete :: Obliterate
4. Auto :: Automatic (Lol, that was the first word that came to mind.)
5. Obsolete :: No use already.
6. Dedicated :: This Is It! (Dedicated to all MJ fans including me.)
7. Old :: My bags, I need to buy at least one, seriously.
8. Convince :: Agree
9. Poster :: David Archuleta (The poster inserted in my daughter's magazine.)
10. Erase :: Mistakes (Erase them but learn from them.)

This post was a mouthful maybe because the week was mostly spent being still and quiet and listening to the news, preparing for the storm. Thank God the weather is fine now. Let it be that way please.

I am looking forward to a great, productive week!

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Anonymous said...

one match the same
i had Automatic too !!