Apr 18, 2007

Tag Along

In less than a year of blogging, this is already my third template. I guess I will be perennially in search of a perfect template. I checked this on IE 6 and it doesn't look good. A little distorted and sometimes the pictures do not load at all especially the header. Sometimes too, the blog only shows half of its content. Anyway, it looks great in Firefox and IE 7. Just let me indulge for a few days or weeks. I just love the way this looks. The pictures I post don't look cramped. It's very neat too. :)


The daily grind started last week after the long holiday. Hay, I had a hard time adjusting. I wish we always have holidays that long every month...okay, that may be too much. Every two months will do. I got so full both on my personal and professional tasks. Even the weekend was not spared.

Saturday, it was my daughter's appointment with my dentist-best friend. I was supposed to have my adjustment too but I begged off since I have to meet my group mates the following day. Yes, on a Sunday. We have to finish our presentation for our midterm in Leadership scheduled the next day.

I went to meet them around 1 pm. And who's with me but my daughter. Hubby has a very important matter to attend to also. We still have no househelp. :( For me, it's no problem if I 'tag' along my daughter in my activities. In fact, I prefer it that way if it will not be inconvenient for her. She learns too this way. She also gets to meet the people I interact with. It's a good thing because she recalls them when I tell her who I was with that day, what we did, those things.

After my work and school related activities, it was mother and daughter bonding! While waiting for my husband to pick us up, we went around the nearby mall, bought some things for her and me, had snack. Bliss. A working mom like me takes every moment spent with her family really precious however simple the activities are and even if there's no activity at all.

My daughter, I love her to bits! :)

Another bonding time for us is spending special occasions with our relatives. We live a few cities away from each other. We don't see each other often because everyone's preoccupied with work, with families and other matters. My daughter loves it if she's with her cousins. Good thing she was able to spend time with them during my niece's baptism. My brother's daughter Frankie is not here but my Princess sure would be happy to play with her too. My daughter loves babies. :)

It's late. Time to hit the bed. :)


ann santos said...

hi, lynn! it's fun to tag our kids along whenever we need to attend to something. i'm sure andrea enjoys it too.

Lynn said...

You said it! :)