Apr 29, 2007

Photo Hunt 8: Rare


Before anything, my prayers go to TNChick for her speedy recovery.

Been a little busy but here's my photo hunt for the week. The theme's about something 'rare'. Here's mine. In this day and age of iPod mini, nano and shuffle, vinyl records and cassette tapes are rare finds. I'm sure the kids of today have not seen much of them unless their parents have a collection like me and my husband.

These vinyl records serve as wall decors in one of the restaurants in Manila. They're cute. If you remember the movie Pretty in Pink (you know, Molly Ringwald...), they decorated the walls and the ceiling of their record stores with vinyl records. Well me, growing up, I was already using cassette tapes to record my favorite songs from a portable cassette recorder, where else? :) Oh this paragraph is so full of 'records', lol.

And these tapes are mostly from the late 80s and early 90s. If today everything can be downloaded, during my time, we go to a record store and submit a list of our favorite songs and presto, they will record them. I forgot how much each song. Bad, bad, bad though.


I am participating at Amy's Scavenger Hunt. I've did this in one of our team buildings but let me see how it will go online. One thing's for sure, it will be fun! I've been wanting to blog regularly and I've been wanting to interact with different bloggers. Time constraints that is so true but I'll make time for my blogging since I get recharged doing this. I'd say this Scavenger Hunt would be one great way to do so. :)


Bengbeng said...

Yes, I remember those days. What a wonderful idea to use them as deco. But in my country, those records on the wall are more valuable as antics as they are much in demand especially if they are popular songs of yester year or difficult to find records. There are actually hobbyists who would pay big sums for them.

Thanks for visiting my blog

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. Thanks for visiting me ealier.

Thanks for sharing these nice photos. Oh yes, I remember Pretty in Pink. I love that movie!

I had lots of those cassette tapes before. Among my first cassette tapes that I bought with my allowance was Rick Astley and Madonna (album with the song La Isla Bonita). Then I learned to record favorite songs on the radio so I bought many of those blank cassettes. I loved giving recorded songs to friends during birthdays and Christmas.

I see you have a cassette tape of Julia Fordham. I have a CD of that one. She's my favorite singer and I've seen her concert twice.

Janet said...

I still have all my 45s...and my albums :-) Great idea!

pelf said...

Ahh.. I think I am younger than the vinyl-record-days *chukles* but I am definitely one of those who grew up buying cassette tapes!

But then again, it is very expensive to continue keeping and appreciating those vinyl records these days, no? Because we have CD players but not record players anymore..!!

julie said...

Wow! I have some of those tapes you have there! Julian Fordham, The The, is that a Tears for Fears? We still have some of those old vinyls, mostly new wave. My father's collection is still around, those from Reader's Digest collections and others. My MIL sometimes play her collections of vinyls too. Nice idea you've got there. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

mar said...

I love your take for the theme!!! we don't have any cassette tapes anymore but many vinyl records plus the record player! to remember old times. Have a wonderful weekend!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great take on the theme! Vinyl is very rare. Sadly I got rid of all of mine. I love the cassettes too. The O.M.D. one made me smile. Thanks for stopping by :)

Teena said...

Remember 45s??!! :)

Mine's up too :)

amy said...

What memories..Hubby got me into listening to old music again. He does Friday Flashback on Fridays and shares 80s videos and uses a theme!

Dexie said...

awesome. i love the pictures. definitely a rare find. thanks for visiting my hunt :)

meeyauw said...

That is a neat use for the old vinyls! (Oops, looks like I spelled wrong.) Each one is decorated also, right?

Lynn said...

Bengbeng, Same here actually, there are hobbyists who keeps their vinyl records for posterity of an era that passed. And for some too, even phonographs are preserved. :)

Rachel, hahaha, me too, I've Madonna. I just have my Rich Astley songs recorded over the radio or over a record shop. I've cds too of Julia Fordham. My fave song of her actually is Invisible War. Nice, very nice song.

Janet/Teena, Lol, 45s...mementos.

Pelf, oh yeah, it's quite expensive to maintain vinyls and they get damaged easily unlike cds/dvds.

Julie, My husband and I were new wave fanatics too during early years of college. We still have our tapes. The the...this is the day my life will surely change...that's their song I can fully remember. :)

Mar, good for you, you were able to preserve your vinyl records.

Chupieandj'smama, OMD...haha, so you're an 80s child too. :)

Amy, same here w/ your husband. I can't seem to get over my 80s songs.

Dexie, thanks! :)

Meeyauw, yes, each one is like inserted in a fiber glass to protect them from dust and getting easily broken. :)

High Strangeness Altoona said...

What - no 8 tracks? Great photo - here's my photo hunt post.

Lynn said...

High Strangeness Altuna, My husband keeps on telling me about that 8 track. I can't remember it really. :)