Apr 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I Appreciate This Week

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I appreciate this week.

1. Looking at the pictures from our trip to Baguio last week. As always, it was fun and we had our bonding moments - nothing really spectacular but I cherish moments like these. Going around the city, taking pictures of us, of the scenic views of Baguio. And just staying in our room to have some rest. And rest for real. Like just lie on the bed while watching tv, while munching something, or just having small conversations. I love it!

2. The long holiday which officially starts today, Thursday and ends on April 9, Monday which is the Day of Valor. Anyway, I'm not a Catholic so obviously, I don't observe Holy Week. I take this time to attend to a lot of things which I can't normally squeeze in on ordinary work days. I'd like to start on my digital scrapbook.

3. The sketches of the three of us - my daughter, my hubby and me - done by some of the people from Baguio Arts Guild. They do not ask for an exact fee but just a donation. They're good. :)

4. Knowing the line up of movies on my Leadership class we will have to watch. I've watched most of them before but it would be great to see them again and have some good interaction afterwards especially because my professor knows how to liven up any class discussions.

5. The refresher course I had on Emotional Intelligence last Monday. It gave me some extra boost on dealing with a few people with attitude problems. If I can nurture my relationships better, why not.

6. Being able to blog often this week. I love visiting other blogs and sharing some of my thoughts to the bloggers' posts.

7. Discovering Alex Yoong. :D I'm sure F1 fanatics know him. Well I am not an F1 fanatic but when I got to see Alex Yoong, I told my hubby I like this guy more than Sebastien Loeb of WRC. But then Lightning McQueen is still my guy. :D

8. Preparing one of my feel good foods - champorado (chocolate porridge). My daughter and I love this. And we love it when it's swimming with milk. :)

9. Uploading my "ancient" songs to my laptop for my listening pleasure even if I am at the office. What triggered and prompted me to do this is the tag on seven songs Rachel gave me. Aside from the playlist I've mentioned, I suddenly wanted to listen to the music of my generation, 80s.

10. Waking up later than usual today! I felt so recharged. There was no lazy bone in my body and I was able to multi-task and finish all that I have to do in the morning in a jiffy.

11. The summer rain which we had yesterday and today, it's drizzling outside. They're very welcome.

12. The smiley squeezeball my husband bought not really to function as stress reliever. I don't know what but it now serves as a decoration on top of our computer desk. Looks cute there.

13. Time for myself right this moment while my daughter is playing with her friend inside her room, while my hubby is also having his own quiet moment cleaning the car. :D

This is my first post for Thursday Thirteen and I love it! This is the 14th on my list of what I appreciate this week. :)

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Christine said...

Welcome to Thursday 13!
Yours is a wonderful list.It's always nice to read things that give people that nice warm thankful feeling. As someone who loves chocolate, I've never had chocolate porridge, and it sounds delish. :)
Thanks for visiting my T13, hope to see you back this week.
Have a great Thursday!

jenny said...

lots of cool stuff! sounds all good to me!!! happy tt!

Nadine said...

Beautiful list, and a great TT! This IS one of the things about the TT that I think I'm going to like: purposely taking the time to really think about the things we appreciate instead of taking them for granted. I posted my first TT today too! Happy Thursday!

Miss Positive said...

Chocolate porridge? That's interesting! I love chocolate. How do you do it?

Gattina said...

I am happy that we have spring coming and you talk about summer rain ! It rains so often here that I count sunny days !

Robin said...

What a happy list :). I'm very intrigued by the idea of chocolate porridge, too.

Happy TT and thanks for visiting my blog.

Lori said...

Great list...I'll take any excuse for a long weekend:)

Kristi said...

Great list, Lynn...and Welcome to T13! I *was* thankful for the weather...and then we hit another cold and snowy snap. Bleh!!! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog...come back any time! :)

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful post, Lynn. Thanks for visiting my new blog and my TT.

Lulu said...

Mmm...chocolate porridge sounds yummy! Chocolate anything sounds yummy! Very nice list!

Thanks for visiting me!

Christine said...

Yeah for joining TT! You'll love all the people you'll meet here.

Great list. I love Easter weekend as it's a chance for me to get together with my family. It doesn't happen very often. :)

Thanks for stopping by today. :)

Indigo said...

What a great list and welcome to the 13!

Lady G~ said...

Can't say that I've ever heard of chocolate porridge. Sounds delish!

Keeping in a thankful mood helps on our outlook of life. Great list!

Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful first list! You think alot like me! It's nice to see such happy things to appreciate! :o) Emotional Intel ... there's an awful lot people can learn in that course! :o)

Thanks for stopping by my TT today!

Anonymous said...

Great list! It is nice to stop and appreciate life, we should all do it more often. By the way, that chocolate porridge sounds wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my TT and for sharing yours!

geri said...

Lynn, thanks for hopping by my blog. We can hardly feel Holy Week here in Chicago, we even have work tomorrow (Friday).

To comment on your previous posts, I just loved Burgoo too! Esp their seafood salad, sana meron sila dito. You have a very pretty daughter!

Julia said...

Welcome to the T13 world *grin*. You're doing great job. And that is great list you got there.

It really nice to read what "things" give people those warm feeling of appreciation. I hope these thing lasted for you. I too appreciate pictures and scrapbooks. I'm scrapbooker myself, although I don't post them here. I also apprecated the time people took to come visit my blog and say nice things :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy T13 - Have good day!

Stine said...

Welcome, great first post! And thanks for visiting mine...

Steph said...

Your list is so calm, peaceful, and lovely!

Thanks for the visit! Happy TT! I hope you enjoyed it!

I think you can find natural egg dying recipes online. I believe it's mostly vinegar, water, and food coloring so super easy to make.

Kuanyin said...

What a cool name you have: avocado express for your url! Mahalo for your visit and welcome to TT! Waking up late on your list is one thing I'd love to do and don't get to do very often!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Having personal time is furry important!

Kathy said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed reading your list of TT. Hope you enjoy typing many more future TT's.

Lynn said...

CHRISTINE, I will be seeing you on your blog's 1st year celebration. :)


NADINE, Same feeling here. Memes like these makes blogging more fun!

MISS POSITIVE, ROBIN, LULU, LADY G~, MOM OF THREE, Chocolate porridge is actually a rice porridge mixed with sugar and cocoa. And then we pour in milk. Yummy!

GATTINA, The heat here is exhausting that's why we welcome a few drops of rain. :)

LORI, Haha, I always look forward to a looong weekend.

KRISTI, I sure go back to the blogs I visit. :)

CHRISTINE, I am positive I will! :)

CARRIE, EQ definitely proved to be effective for me. :)

GERI, Thanks! I showed my daughter your comment and of course, she loved it! :)

JULIA, Thanks! :) These kinds of things are the ones which last for me. :)

STEPH, Thanks for the tip. :)

KUANYIN, Oh thanks for appreciating my URL. *big grin*

KIMO & SABI, You said it purr-fectly! :)

KATHY, Oh I definitely would! :)