Jan 17, 2008

80s: Bands

What a generic title for a post. I am just in reminiscing mode the past days as I have been actively communicating with my high school classmates as well as some batch mates. Since our alumni homecoming which our batch will be hosting is being planned, and our section's mini-reunion is about a few weeks from now, there are activities going on in the respective Yahoo groups.

Anyway, memories of the eighties are rushing back. I'm a child of the 80s. The music of that period is still so alive with me. I am a Top 40 kid and Kasey Casem was a companion every Sunday afternoon when I listen to him dish out the hits of the week.I even jot down the 40 songs and take very well note of their rankings. But my taste also extends from pop to new wave and alternative music.

I still have my old tapes and I still buy cds of my favorite bands back then. My husband too is a great fan of the 80s music. Here are thirteen of our favorite bands from the eighties in no particular order.

1. R.E.M.
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. The Smiths
4. The Cure
5. Gene Loves Jezebel
6. Tears for Fears
7. The Bolshoi
8. Gin Blossoms
9. Smashing Pumpkins
10. Duran Duran (I have to put in here that my husband is not a Durannie but I am a great fan of Nick Rhodes and John Taylor!)
11. Xmal Deutschland
12. Style Council (Our theme song by the way is You're the Best Thing by this band.)
13. Siouxsie & the Banshees (This group started mid-70s though but I came to know them as they were frequently played in a local alternative staion - WXB.)

What do you know, this inspired me to post every now and then about the 80s - music, movies, lifestyle, books, anything at all about the generation I grew up in.


julie said...

I love the 80s music too! John Taylor? I have had several posters of him when I was in HS! Hubby still has some of their New Wave LPs.

I used to listen to 105.1 and NU107.

"I go crazy when I'm without you..."

MondaythroughSunday said...

Yep..totally the 80's! Great list!

lady cess said...

my husband knows your list. i know-- because we have an original special edition of the cure, wc contains dvds of their videos and cds. he bought this last year, sobra siya excited kasi sale :)

hindi ako cool nung 80s. ang paborito ko noon si madonna ng papa dont preach, si tiffany ng i think we're alone now, si debbie gibson ng electric youth, at hahaha!

Malcolm said...

When I was a teen in the 80s, I used to listen to Casey Kasem too and watch his show "America's Top 10". Just like you, I used to copy down the top 40 lists each week.

Although the Style Council weren't big over here, they put out some really good stuff. Along with the song you listed, I also like "My Ever Changing Moods" and "The Walls Come Tumbling Down".

ScroochChronicles said...

A fellow Durannie. Just to let you know, girlfriend ako dati ni JT. Tanungin mo si Julie :)

I also like the Style Council. Most of the songs I download are 80's music nga eh. How about Culture Club? Check this out...

Sparky Duck said...

someone was grunge way before they knew what grunge was

The Mocha Mom said...

Wow, I forgot about a few of those until I read your TT. Great list. I am up too.

Nicholas said...

I don't know any of those but some of those names sound very... um... interesting!

Carl said...

The 80's was when I was in my college radio days. I am a 20-year veteran of being a disk jockey on many radio stations and when I attended Mississippi State University, the student-run radio station was WMSB. The year I graduated was the last year it was on the air. It went dark that summer (1986). Fortunately the incoming MSU President was a communications major and he made it a priority to resurrect the student run station (the previous administration never gave us any support) and within a few years, MSU had their second and better student run radio station now known as WMSV. I also attended Florida State University for one year and was on the student panel which planned on creating a student run station. I left FSU before it came to fruition but it's also been successful and is known as WVFS (V89).

Due to my passion for music, I ammased a huge collection of lp's and 45's (remember vinyl?) and now have a huge collection of CD's covering numerous genres.

Carl said...

Oh, I forgot to mention...it was during the 80's that I found out about a band that quickly became (and still is) my favorite group: Madness. I love ska and the Madness "nutty" sound.

chateau said...

Count me in sa 80s music fans club! 80s new wave CDs are staples in my car. Oooh, do you listen to Friday madness on 89.9? All day 80s up to early 90s, the kind I grew up with. Then my thoughts wander back to my high school days.... happy thoughts!