Jan 4, 2008

Shopping Cart Software

It is a fact that people are always up and about, with never-ending activities at hand. One has to attend to work, school, household chores, community events among other things. If there are activities that we can cut short without necessarily sacrificing quality time doing it, why not.

One of these activities is doing some shopping online. But the demand is a no-frills kind of online shopping. One which is user-friendly but with significant details about the products, easy payment set-ups, incentives that customers can get from using online shopping carts like discounts or lower shipping rates.

For a merchant to answer these needs, a key success factor would be investing in an up-to-date and reliable ecommerce software. One of these ecommerce solutions is Ashop Commerce. They have a clean site and easy to navigate for starters. Explore it to fully optimize your online store, increase your traffic and generate higher sales.

One good thing about Ashop Commerce is it is easy to set-up and manage and is very customizable. One need not have extensive knowledge of HTML since it has a custom HTML section with rich text editor.

As we know, inventory control is vital to any merchant. Ashop Commerce gives a merchant a full line of inventory requirments such as product reports up to category reports. Stock control and quantity discounts, bulk order processing are musts for an
online store owner to perfectly manage customer needs and requirements.

What's best in terms of payment is it takes about only two minutes to set-up an easy payment gateway. Ashop Commerce also has multiple currency support which allows customers to set to a specific country's currency. To avoid fraudulent transactions, a CVC security code is required for all credit card transactions.

It is important to track sales trends and traffic reports. This will give the merchant clear cut strategies on how to enhance his shopping cart business. Ashop Commerce delivers sales reports up to sales by customer reports. This is good because
this is one of the ways to get to know one's customers needs and preferences. One can feature or offer products suited to a customer.

There is a live online technical support such that merchants are always free to consult if there are concerns or issues with the set-up or during the actual run of the shopping cart software.

Visit Ashop Commerce and see what wonders this site can do for your shopping cart business.

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