Jan 4, 2008

Blog Advertising

For almost a month now I started to put sponsored posts in this blog. So far my experience has been good. I am encouraged in fact to continue doing this that is why I signed up to this particular blog advertising site. It sends you an email to alert you of opportunities you can grab to make a post, earn eventually when it is approved. There is also a list of other opportunities which you can choose from whenever you log in.

There is no pressure to write about the offers since you can very well choose what subjects are appropriate for your overall blog content. If you see that the subject fits your blog theme, then it would do you good if you take the opportunity instantly. There is no guarantee that it will stay in your list of choices because other bloggers are also out there for these opportunities.

The payment for Smorty is every week so if you are diligent enough to post about the sites offered, you will earn a few bucks to add to your weekly budget or savings.

Just have fun posting!

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