Jan 8, 2008

Password Recovery

You know that important and confidential documents need to be secured. So you put all your folders in your computer locked with passwords. Passwords which cannot be easily determined by other people especially if you share the computer with someone else. But it happens that one forgets them. What with the gazillion passwords one has to remember for email accounts, social networkings, forums, etcetera. To top it all, all file folders are in different passwords as an added security. One is just bound to forget.

It could also happen that an employee or a colleague has left the company without properly endorsing files and their passwords. You wouldn't want to be caught in this tight situation. In my case, since I deal with Finance, 90% of my Excel files are passworded.

What to do, what to do? It helps to have an Excel password recovery tool which can be relied on anytime. Visit their site at http://www.password-studio.com/ to have a clear understanding of this wonderful tool. It actually uses hacking methods so it cracks your passwords as fast as you want it. Talk about its price, it is very affordable and worth every cent you will spend on it. The price is definitely lower than its competitors.

Watch an online demonstration of Password-Studio for an easy, step-by-step account of how this powerful tool works. The FAQ page will walk you through with the answers on the possible questions you have about this product. Visit the site now and be introduced to Password-Studio.

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