Jan 8, 2008

Notebooks Anonymous

Identify if you can the picture below.

At the bottom is the Starbucks planner for 2008. On top of it the Belle de Jour planner. And the brown one is from Jollibee which comes with a raffle coupon for their 30th anniversary plus discount coupons which can be availed every month. Not bad. Next is a small notebook I carry with me and jot down some things I need to remember which just suddenly pop out of my head. It's kind of messy. And then I still have an unopened pack of a small notebook where I intend to write my happy thoughts. It's still unopened but well, my happy thoughts are always with me anyway. :)

I have a strong affinity for paper, notebooks to be specific. And so is my daughter. If it's not almost midnight, I would take a picture of all her notebooks along with her doodles. Next time I will. Anyway, I understand Beauty Bar has a planner too...hmmm. Let me see if I will get it too. Maybe if they still have stock.

For about three years now I haven't been using the company issued planner. Talk about loyalty. :) I use it when taking down notes during meetings so it's not totally useless. I have been using the Starbucks planner. But this year, I will forego it. I will be using BDJ.

I find BDJ a little girly girl. It's pink and green inside. Just for a change I'm using it. I like the discount coupons too - Bayo, Celine, Havaianas, Crustasia, etcetera.

Hello, this is Lynn and I'm an addict. I wonder what psychological explanation do we have about being a notebook addict? :) I am craving for a moleskine now.


manda said...

I love notebooks or any fresh supply really. Like new ink pens....LOVE new ink pens.

feng said...

those are lots of organizer notebooks! pero tama ka, the Belle de Jour ang pinaka suited sa ating mga girlies!

me, I have a trustee organizer by Stephen Covey. it was a memento upon attending a seminar years and years ago dubbed 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

ellen said...

hello lynn!I am ellen of www.ellenheartbeats.blogspot.com
I've added you on my links...Hope yo do the same thing! thanks!

penpusher said...

I love notebooks, I'm still trying to justify a Filofax.... hmm...

ScroochChronicles said...

I love notebooks too. I'm not too good at using planners, though. Mas maigi na sa akin ang notebook. I'm a Mead fanatic. I like the paper they use. It doesn't blot.

Now pens...ayan addict ako diyan. Every New Year I have to get a new stash of gel pens in so many colors. My personal favorite is aqua.

I'll check out the BDJ organizer. If you say it's good, it must be :)

mama's got moxie said...

glad i'm not alone in the notebook addiction!! :)

A Simple Life said...

I love notebooks too, and I've been dying to have that starbucks organizer, naubusan na ata ako ;)

Lynn said...

MANDA, My daughter loves pens too, all colors. :)

FENG, I used to have that too. I like the way it was organized, a sort of work-life balance organizer.

ELLEN, Hi! Sure, no problem.

PENPUSHER, Ohh, filofax, sometimes they get bulky.

COOKIE, Gel pens, yes, ang sarap isulat. Yung iba may scent pa.

MAMA, Let's put up a club then. :P

LIZA, Baka makahabol ka pa. But their planner for this year is not as good as the previous years.

Chateau said...

Ooooh, Lynn, we have the same notebook fetish haha. Although i must admit mine is about a notch lower in scale. I realized it when my daughter said one day: "Mom, why do you have so many notebooks? You don't use them naman!" Me: "Ha? Ah, eh.. Oo nga.." LOL

That BDJ planner looks so pretty! Next year I might just have it!