Jan 6, 2008

A Personalized Gift

My niece's birthday is fast approaching, around two weeks from now. I haven't bought a birthday gift for her. While at the grocery this morning, I was running down my mind what I can probably give her which she has not received yet this recently concluded holidays. I was even asking my tweener daughter what could her cousin want so she would really appreciate my present to her. By the way, this particular niece of mine is also my godchild so it's got to be really something special.

My daughter mentioned to me that her cousin loves cute things like personal trinkets, perfumes and bags. I know that but I want something more unique. Good thing I went over Vision Bedding, a site for personalized gifts and home decor. It was easy to navigate from the main page as I immediately got to the Teen Bedding items page. I am not a teenager anymore but I loved their designs. There are a lot of choices but I finally chose one design which I feel my niece would love. See the picture to the left. She particularly loves red flowers and the word "love". I notice her bags, her bracelet, her pendant often has the word "love". This is perfect!

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