Jan 8, 2008

Privacy Alert

In these days and times we do almost everything through our computer. We want to communicate fast with our family, friends and business associates from another country so we do emails and chatting. We transact online - shop, pay and do banking. We do our research mostly using internet search engines. I always do that. If my daughter has assignments that needs some research, I get help from the world wide web.

There are so many sites I visit daily. I see to it that I delete them in my computer's history. But I learned that these files go somewhere else inside the computer. They are not totally deleted. Everything we do, our computers keep them even if we permanently delete them. They know what we do, who we talk to and what our internet routines and surfing habits are. It does not feel quite comfortable to know that information about us are not actually protected.

There are times adwares crawl in in our computers when we land in unfamiliar sites. I have experienced this and to my dismay, an adult site just keeps on popping whenever I browse. It can really be annoying and disturbs my quality time in the internet. A privacy software which can remove porn, a site I would not want to be displayed when I am using the internet, is the best solution.

Using a privacy software can help us sleep well at night knowing that no traces of our identity is stored in our computers. No hackers can get through us. Check http://www.evidence-blaster.com/ for ultimate internet privacy. It completely erases your log in information and prevents collection of data stored in your computer.

Ease of use and easy installation are important features of a privacy software. Evidence Blaster cleans your system in a click of a mouse. How good is that!

For added features, you can customize Evidence Blaster to automatically run at startup and shutdown among other things. You can set the schedule when you would like to clean your PC system. All these in a very affordable price. How much does it cost you to protect yourself from internet hacks? It's not much. Visit http://www.evidence-blaster.com and be ready to learn how you can very well keep your privacy and completely enjoy using your computer online and offline.

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