Jan 4, 2008

Kitchen Buddies

The holidays is over, the new year is four days old now. I have never been so hands on with the preparation for Media Noche than the year that just past. From listing the menu to doing the groceries up to actually preparing them.

This was also the first time we I decided not to buy a cake. I baked our chocolate cake. Thanks to Yummy magazine for all the inspiration in my cooking and baking escapades. Who or what helped me a great deal in doing most chores during the holidays though it was supposed to be my vacation are my little kitchen buddies. My little helps in the kitchen as I call them.

There are still a lot of left-over foods up to this time. Oh they are still edible. They are the foods which goes up to a week as long as they are properly stored and propely managed. Meaning use the two-spoon method when getting from their containers. One as a serving spoon and one spoon to eat your food. Oh yes, sometimes this has to be spelled out to some members of the family. :)

We still have halaya (purple jam), leche flan, my chocolate cake and macaroni salad. After 12 midnight struck last December 31, I already set up my mind that I will be the one to keep all the food in their proper storage. Thank goodness for all these. It was a quick and a very organized way of storing all the food. The refrigerator looked good with all the stackables. Some food were vacuum packed so they did not made my ref smell.

Not only me but I heard my colleague back then that the next best thing since sliced bread is the paper towel. This is very true. I have stocks of these. One wipe on the table and it is all clean. Just choose a brand which is really absorbent and will not break out easily even when dripping with water.

I am not a fan of home TV shopping but this one proved to be a good buy. I was in search of a good can opener. Yes, can opener. A can opener in our house usually lasts for only two to three months. It's either they get rusty or they fall apart. There is a good brand but it costs too much, around P15,000 (about 365USD) at the time I scouted for one. And it is more for industrial use.

So one day watching home TV shopping, hubby spotted this can opener and asked me if I wanted one. Of course. It was delivered a week after we ordered. It's One Touch Can Opener. I can just leave it there doing its thing - it stops as soon as it opened the whole cover of the can. I love this little piece of kitchen help.

For a year now I have not been shunning away from domestic chores. I love them more than ever, well at least those I find easy to do. :) I am grateful for being able to give time to them. They are fulfilling in a different kind of way. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just love these products.


Amanda said...

oh, I'm envious of the one touch can opener!

Lynn said...

It's really very convenient plus the color's nice and clean. :)