Mar 13, 2008

Instruction Number Fifteen

I am in high spirits these days because I am excited with a lot of things. I browsed once again on the Dalai Lama's Instructions for Life and took very well note of the fifteenth: "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before".

My family and I love vacations whether, out of town, or just hideaway in a hotel somewhere in the metropolis. Summer is here and there are already places hubby and I have in mind.

But let me post the places tagged as mysterious which I would like to explore.

1. Egypt, The Great Pyramid of Giza. How do pyramids stand the test of time? No nails, no cement, nothing to hold them together.
2. Stonehenge, England. Have there been any news that this structure collapse during a storm? And what are these really for?
3. Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic. Is this a black hole? It appears though, according to research, that large methyl hydrate combined with water generates gas which causes airplanes or ships to sink. That, in a nutshell.
4. Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland. Hauntings and secret passages, could there be some truth to these?
5. White Pyramid, China
6. Walking Statue, Easter Island
7. Potala Palace, Tibet. Maybe not mysterious but majestic.
8. Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City
9. Welbeck Abbey, England. From my readings, its secret chambers are a sight to behold.
10. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
11. Glastonbury, England
12. Nazca Lines, Peru
13. Arkaim, Russia. Again, circle formation which cannot be explained.


marcia said...

oh yes anywhere in Europe

damozel said...

Rosslyn is well worth a look, secret passages or no secret passages. There are a lot of curious masonic symbols and the setting is lovely.

13 Hearts

Nicholas said...

Ive been to 2 and 8. Shamefully, even though I have lived most of my life so far in England, I have never been to Welbeck Abbey or Glastonbury.

Rims said...

Yeah...I too believe in visiting some place you never been before...and last year believe it or not visited EGYPT...U can check out my trip details from here...
This yewar around Dec again planning to go somewhere else :D

Happy TT!

astrogalaxy said...

That's a very good list of places to visit. Hope you'll be able to visit them soon!

ellen said...

we all love and wish to visit such good place!have a nice day sis! hope ur okay and your family as well! keep safe!

ellen said...

btw..can u aadd my new adopted blog "tiny Treasures "to your blogroll sis?

techieDan said...

Hmm.. no place in Asia??