Mar 20, 2008

Managing Finances

I used to have three credit cards when I was single. I am not proud of it but I have to say I have maximized my limit and totally paid them in one year and a half. This is not to mention that I also have appliance loans in a financing firm. Maybe twenty percent of the things I bought for myself on credit are for long term use - DVD, television set, sound system. But the rest of the eighty percent are negligible - shoes, clothes, cell phones, travel expenses, what have you. I could have used cash on most instances but the lure of swiping and spending nothing at least for the moment were quite strong.

Through the years I have learned the fine art of managing my finances. It was quite traumatic paying them on a monthly basis simultaneously. I have been debt-free in terms of credit cards for several years already. No, I will not be in debt because of the things I fancy at the moment.

I recently acquired a credit card again but I am very wise in using it. I only use it for online purchases and pay them as soon as the first bill comes, at least half of the amount. That way, I cover up immediately what's on the credit card.

Another thing is creating a budget for the month setting aside the alotted savings before any expense. This is working for me and good to note that I have acquired the discipline of budgeting.

It is never too late. One should start moving on, take steps to improve one's finance management. You can do it alone or ask for help. Debt Management Plan will help any individual who are focused on managing their finances wisely.

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raqgold said...

hi, i also brutalized my credit card the first time i had one :D now i know more, esp since my hubby's a banker :D