Mar 20, 2008

What to Do, What to Do

It's hot specially in the afternoon. Can't deny it, summer is here in the Philippines. I am not one to jump with joy over the summer as I do not prefer the glaring sun. I just like it mild. But one can't avoid the summer, right? I just look forward to the things I want to do this summer and try my best to get distracted with the heat of the sun.

1. Finally try to make refrigerator cake. They say it's easy. I guess so. I will post it here once I am done with it.

2. Catch up with the movies I missed since the latter part of 2007.

3. Unlike my dear daughter who will be on summer vacation, this Mommy will be at work but I will treat weekends like it's my own summer vacation. Bake, bake and bake some more until I am good at it.

4. Organize my photo albums one by one. I have finally organized my photos stored in my laptop. It's now time to have them actually developed batch by batch. I started already. Thousands more to come, lol.

5. Vacation with my family of course, have a swim again, go the beach. Have a tan...not.

6. Enroll my daughter to her usual swimming lessons. She wants to learn the guitar so be it. We already scouted a short summer guitar course for her. I like it that my daughter is exploring her talents.

7. Attend my batch's summer plans and meetings for our alumni homecoming.

8. Redecorate the living room, just because.

9. Try my own foot spa at home.

10. Start collecting my baking equipment.

11. Start reading the Twilight series. And see what's good in them. :D

12. Clean the closet, give away the old, check out those I can still wear with a few repairs.

13. Finally, make some smoothies! My daughter want a banana smoothie. I'd do just that.


Judy said...

I wonder what is refrigerator cake?

Is your daughter on summer vacation? At this time of the year? That's early.

raqgold said...

pengeng ref cake :D i also have my list of things to do - but i am still doing the laundry, hehehe