Mar 6, 2008

Insurance, Get It

Some people I know are not to keen about insurance. It is close to saying they want to shoo away insurance associates that try to explain to them the value of acquiring an insurance. It is the other way around for me, my family and my close friends. We value it. In a way, it is a form of investment. Some say it is forced savings. My family have availed of different insurance which, after thorough studying of even the fine prints, we know suit our needs and wants.

One should have a knowledge the different kinds of insurance and what their benefits are to fully understand their importance. There is life and disability insurance. Generally, the benefits from this form of insurance will go to the stated beneficiaries. It is good to note that some life insurance offer versatility since it can be availed of for one's retirement.

There is also an insurance focused on health care. One can avail of medical service plans which will cover the cost of health maintenance or could help defray the cost of health care.

It is also important that you insure your properties - your house and your other assets. Car Insurance for one. Get it at the best possible quotes. This helps your mind at ease that for any untoward incident, your assets are well covered.

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