May 29, 2008

13 Celebrities

I was on leave from work since yesterday. It is more of a career contemplation kind of leave. Should I stay or should I go? It's been quite stressful but my mind is made up. I want to throw stress out of my system. Excuse me, stress.

What better way to do that is to think of things that relaxes me. I've done this several times - goofing around with my daughter, a good book, a massage, etcetera. At this moment, what's on my mind is to put in here thirteen of my favorite people in Hollywood. I love movies, I love entertainment. Watching them on television gives me some relaxing time.

1. Wentworth Miller - I like actors who are intelligent and those who do not spread themselves too thin.

2. Johnny Depp - He is adorable. And from what I read, he loves his fans and was never a snob.

3. Reese Witherspoon - She's funny as Elle Wood. And I also love her in Sweet Home Alabama. She should have taken Mr. Dreamy though. :)

4. Ashton Kutcher - For being the romantic boy that he is. His sincerity is what makes him admirable. And he's funny.

5. The Cast of Friends (Joey, Ross and Phoebe most especially) - I can see three of my friends in them.

6. The Cast of Sex and the City - I love their quirks and middle age angst. Lol.

7. Josh Hartnett - Just because.

8. Renee Zellweger - She is just so cute! I love her innocent face and her voice. I love her in Jerry Maguire and Chicago.

9. Rachel Ray - She is just so refreshing.

10. Nigella Lawson - Just like how it is to be a domestic goddess. That's one of my goals. :)

11. Cameron Diaz - She's funny and sexy.

12. John Stewart - I like his being outspoken.

13. Katherine Heigl - A pretty face and it feels like she is really one good natured girl.


Arlene said...

I like Johnny Depp he is very quirky......he made a great Capt. Jack Sparrow......
Great list:)

Sandy M said...

I agree. Johnny Depp is 'it' for me! Very good post! Happy TT!

Malcolm said...

Although I don't watch the Food Network regularly, I do stop on it if I'm channel surfing and Nigella Lawson is on... that is one sexy woman. The same goes for Giada!

Jenn said...

Great list. I enjoy most of them.