May 19, 2008

If & What

This is my first Manic Monday. The questions that need answers for today are the following.

If you knew that every minute of the next 24 hours of your life would be recorded on camera is there anything you would change about your habits?
I'm not sure exactly what since I don't have any habit that is really annoying or embarrassing. Maybe my eating binges. :D

If you could take a one-month trip to any single destination in the world and money is not a consideration, where would you go?
Europe, I want to explore it.

What is the best example of “perfection” that you can think of?
Perfect...I once read this and it stuck to mind, from Bob Dylan, "A man is successful if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between; does what he wants to do". That's perfect. Also perfection is when everything is in harmony even if there are differences in opinion, in likes and dislikes. Everything just complements everything. Bliss.

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