May 28, 2008

Shower Stalls

I am fond of decorating our house. Nothing escapes me - I have the last say how each area of the house will look like. My husband suggests the kind of paint and even the color but it has to be with my concurrence. Good thing, we agree most of the time. A compromise is reached when we both feel strongly about the shade of the color or the design of a particular area.

Even the washroom and the bathroom's interior are as detailed as they can be. The tiles we put the last time we renovated our bathroom upstairs is in light blue and the borders are made of cute shapes and in pastel colors. Isn't it nice to be in the privacy of your bathroom with everything looking harmonious? Who would not want that?

My husband thought of putting up shower enclosures as he is sometimes getting obsessive-compulsive with all the water splashes getting out from the shower onto the rest of the washroom. Shower enclosures sometimes look a bit high tech for me. It's like taking a bath inside a capsule but I would love to have that model where there's a built in foot massager. Wow, that will be incredibly nice. Maybe I would save some money foregoing my regular foot spa.

Bathroom showers come in different styles. There are different colors and varieties which could fit in the design of your bathroom. If you have invested making your bathroom a beautiful sight, bathroom showers are definitely a must to complete the look. They are normally included in the design. You may want to shop for more designs though to have an idea what are the latest in bathroom showers.

If you are a little more luxurious, you might be interested having a steam shower installed. A good unit totally prevents water vapor from damaging the paint of the entirety of your bathroom. Steam showers have their health benefits too. Perspiration resulting from steam baths make the skin softer and more refreshed. A sauna in your very own bathroom.


Enjoy Being said...
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TitansFan said...

Yeah, it is kinda like bathing in a capsule but it's so fun! I just had my Steam Shower installed and it is awesome. I hooked up my mp3 player to check out the sound. It works great, nothing better than starting your day with your favorite music playing.