May 30, 2008

Pretty Nook

A few months ago we did minor facelifting of the house. It included mostly repainting the rooms to make them brighter. I appreciate so much the new colors as it gave out a happier feel when we are inside the comforts of our room. Next is sprucing up the loft by changing the sofa and the television cabinet. We want a new look for the house without really spending much. It takes a lot of creativity to achieve that, not to mention patience. We are looking at having the whole living room done before the end of the third quarter this year. I want to achieve the zen look.

Through the years we have added some decorations and improvements, we removed some, changed a few, refurbished a number. It is therapeutic actually to do some relay-out of the fixtures. It's like getting a new house only it is on the same exact address. I find it exciting to redecorate the house. There are times though we only plan to redo a certain portion but looking at the totality of the house, we just do not feel comfortable not aligning the other areas from the area which was newly relayed out. So almost always, everything is changed or modified.

I have an idea going on in my head at this moment. That is creating a small nook on the vacant space going to the dining area. Actually it is not vacant as there are plants to liven up the area. We can very well remove them onto another part of the house to make way for the nook as my hubby calls it. Just to make it classic but simple I am thinking of putting counter stools to go with a high table for two. Put on some flowers on the table and a painting on the wall as a backdrop. Pretty.

While I am at it, maybe the counter in the kitchen can very well do with kitchen bar stools. We don't have that for years as the last ones were sold because they are all wooden and do not match the tiled counter. Did I say home improvements need not be expensive? Of course. There are discount bar stools that are offered with a variety of selections. I would like ours in oak or cappuccino.

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SandyCarlson said...

Good luck with all your plans! And enjoy your leave!