May 17, 2008

All About Books

Do you love books? Do you collect books with a passion that you have one room converted into a library to store and safe keep your books? Do you even remember now how many books you already own, which are the ones you bought, which are gifts and which are freebies you could have probably won in a book contest?

Keep track of all of your book collection. All My Books will organize your books fast and easy. There is no manual installation or search but the software will source information about your books from online references.

What I particularly like about the software is its book sharing manager which lets an owner records to whom and when the book was received. There is also a limitless amount of graphic information for each of the books in the database. All these features and much more from All My Books software. The people behind this service can even create a customized version for you for a relatively affordable fee.

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