May 4, 2008

Background Check

As part of my job description, I handle the final interview for certain positions in my department. The recruitment unit of the Human Resource department forwards to me profiles of several candidates. I have to say there are candidates who prove to be good in interviews but do not actually deliver. But that is not the worst part.

Some applicants do not disclose their previous experiences about their past jobs or anything at all that could put their applications in a bad light. That is but an expected act. So before a company hires an applicant, background checks need to be conducted.

There are services also for criminal background checks. Some companies would want to have second checks on their applicants' records - are these applicants spic and span clean or somewhere along the way, an offense was committed?

Comprehensive criminal checks can be provided at state and county levels. To fast track the process, there are features for simultaneous background checks for several profiles. A successful screening program is vital in a productive human resource processing.

These background checks need to be comprehensive but need not be expensive. Start getting your background investigation more accurately and faster. These are basic but vital to any organization seeking a productive manpower.

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