Jul 25, 2008

Another Home Improvement

One of my goals this year is to have the toilet and baths remodeled. The last time we had a bathroom remodel for the master's bedroom was about six years ago. And the one near the kitchen and upstairs was when we moved in here which was more than a decade ago. That long. I clearly remember how my then four year old daughter looked at the videotape while doing some funny lines with all the remodeling inside the house then. She acted like she was a host or something of a television show. We were also remodeling our kitchen at the same time with the bathroom. Half of the house was a mess but it was worth it after all the works were finished.

At four years young, my daughter just picks up everything she can while construction was going on. I have to follow her every time. Imagine that. My husband and I delegated our work. I was in charge of my daughter, keeping her off wherever there is construction going on. My husband who knows more about bath tub refinishing than I do oversee the work being done. I just want it glossy, that's it. I do not care
about the nitty gritty of it actually.

She just turned ten years old and still loves taking a video of herself while singing or dancing or acting like she is in television. But I highly doubt if she will act in front of the camera while the house (or at least the bathrooms) are being remodeled. Yes, we are on to another bath tub refinishing project. I guess we have to do this every year or two to preserve their new look. I do not want the slippery of course but I want them glossy like they are newly purchased.

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