Jul 6, 2008


Hubby went out this afternoon for some errand and have the car cleaned. I was wondering why it took him a little longer than usual. Well, he dropped by Trinoma and got me and our daughter these.

I like donuts especially the honey glazed but I can only consume one. It takes me a few more hours for the next serving. They are just too sweet for me. But I appreciate the sweet gesture.

Hope your weekend is just as sweet. :)

My other weekend snapshot is at The Mommy Zone. Hope you check it also. Thanks! :) Happy WS!


raqgold said...

penge! i love honey glazed too. and nope, we dont have donuts in every malls here :(

Suzie said...

I could eat them all. I love the chocolate glazed ones...darn now I want a donut!