Jul 29, 2008

Business Venture

I love learning, I love studying. That is the very reason why I enrolled in graduate school. I am always thirsty for knowledge and I have always loved sharing the learning I gained through the years. I always look forward to seminars and short courses our company offers to senior managers.
One thing I am yearning to learn about is computers, both software and hardware. I want to understand their language, their system. Way before blogging was included in my life, I have already been interested in computers. My husband do a lot of things with computers. His communication with his business contacts are often done through web conference and through emails. We do transactions mostly through the internet - banking, shopping online, school account, etcetera. It is almost the same thing with the rest of my family. We may not really be high tech compared to those really in-the-know about computers but we know the benefits we can get with proper use. It saves a great deal of time and money.

Also one of the ventures my husband and I plan to go to is internet gaming and computer repair service. There will come a time, in a few years perhaps, that all households will have at least one computer. We see this as a very good opportunity. We were offered a space in one of the buildings near our place which was vacated by a church mate. Her husband went abroad and there was no one to oversee their computer repair shop. She said in two months' time, they already have their ROI (return of investment). This got me very interested. What we need now is a good computer technician.

I asked another church mate who works at the IT department of this international bank if he knows someone. He mentioned a few names but he said he is interested in partnering with us. He can very well help in the technical side as a consultant. He was off to New York then for a training sponsored by his company. Wow. This boy, in his early twenties, is doing good in his chosen career. I commended him for what seems to be a job well done. Maybe a Cisco certification will all the more increase his market value. If and when our computer business will pursue, I believe it will be in good hands.

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