Jul 5, 2008


This year I can say I am quite successful in my goal to remember special occasions - birthdays, anniversaries, or just about any occasion special for my family and friends. I am not amiss in greeting them and sending gifts I personally
chose for them. I love it when they say their than yous and how much they appreciate what I did. It feels really good having to make my family and friends happy with a simple gesture.

As early as the third quarter I am already thinking of the best gifts I can send to my family. They live in another country and as we know, shipping packages need to be early if you want them to arrive on time. I'm thinking of what could be perfect
holiday gifts for them.

My daughter and I particularly give so much thought for Frankie. She is my niece, her cousin, my brother's only daughter. She will be almost two by December and can
appreciate the holiday festivities more unlike last year when she was just observing while seated in her high chair.

We were browsing on her pictures the other day and we saw a picture of Frankie with my brother and Santa Claus. It was actually taken in a mall. It gave me an idea of what I can send her this holiday season. Letter from Santa is a good addition from the usual stuffed toys and clothes. This would be her first letter ever!

I believe children are generally thrilled to be receiving letters from Santa. Why not? This generous, big-bellied man is a part of a child's life. Millions of letters to north pole are sent year after year intended for Santa. It would be nice to receive a response directly from the man himself.

Santa letters would make a good keepsake from a child's early years. And who knows, even adults would get to appreciate such thoughtfulness and creativity. :)

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