Jul 13, 2008

Thousand Cranes

The weather is just so weird. It rains then the sun shines. It rains while the sun is shining. It rains but it's so humid. What's next? Sun shines but it's cold? Harhar.

My mutterings here. I am not sure if the weather has any effect with what I thought reading the given words below.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Intimidated :: Scared
2. Brush :: 100 strokes (It was once thought that one has to brush one's hair a hundred times before going to sleep to make it shiny. But now they say it will just reduce the needed oil from your scalp.)
3. Masquerade :: Party (Because our New Year's party was a masquerade.)
4. Procedure :: Due process (Maybe because there are a number of employee cases at the office which requires investigation which is a part of the due process.)
5. Tattoos :: Prison Break (Scofield, my hero, has tattoos all over his body.)
6. Square :: Madison Square
7. Tuck :: Nip Tuck
8. Boyfriend :: Hubby (Haha!)
9. Badass:: Chuck Bass (The bad boy from Gossip Girl.)
10. Thousand :: Thousand Cranes (Best of Hiroshima, one of my husband's favorite CD.)

Note: The first set says "intimidated", the second set says "intimated". I copy pasted the first set so there. :)


Hootin' Anni said...

I really like your association with Brush...the 100 strokes. Yep, I was told the same.

Great mutterings. Mine's posted, hope you can drop in for a visit!

Happy weekend.

manilenya said...

I can learn with your mutterings, it's going to be a weekly tutor to me lol!

thanks for the visit!

Shannon H. said...

My mother always told me to brush my hair with at least 100 strokes. I always thought she was just trying to get me to brush my hair properly LOL because I hated to brush it.

mariana said...

chuck bass in tv is really an badass .. but on the books he is totally different!
i particularly prefer the GG books than the serie.

Brad said...

Good mutterings! Glad we got a match!

Thank you for dropping by, hope to see you again!

Jessica said...

mmmm yes dont you just love scofield? And Prison Break is almost here again!!

Shirl said...

great mutterings! I like the "brush"

Anonymous said...

Great mutterings. I didn't even notice the difference in #1 between the sets. I usually don't even look at the first one, I just grab the second set.
Have a great week.